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Image Allwebco responsive Mobi-Hybrid templates are small website templates created for fast loading, high browser compatibility and super easy setup. Although these web templates contain fewer web pages, expandability is unlimited. All Mobi-Hybrid templates use plain text global menus, footers and a graphic image or text header logo that you can update with any plain text editor. No special software is required to setup any Allwebco web template. Globally change the font sizes and colors by editing a single CSS style file. You do not need to update each page individually. Switch to a text logo header by editing the variable in the header.js. Add a new link button to the menu by editing a single text file.

Every Allwebco Mobi-Hybrid web template includes step by step instructions and unlimited support and access to our searchable support area. You can easily change from the text logo above with your own graphic logo by editing the variable in the global header.js. All Allwebco web templates come with helpful setup options so you can setup and customize your website for any business quickly and easily without having to learn any new software. Built using all basic HTML code and css.

More Details

Plain text menus and basic HTML designs, you can add as many pages as you require to any web template. You can also add scripts, applications, links, images and almost any feature you see on other websites can be added to any Allwebco web template. Allwebco also provides many free scripts and add-ons as well as reasonably priced premium add-ons that can be added to any site.