Mobile Web Template

Allwebco Mobi-Hybrid templates are responsive HTML5 and are designed to load quickly on any mobile device as well as PC or Mac computers in any browser software. Step by step instructions and two home page styles are included. The menu, header and footer are global plain text files for easy editing and site wide updates. All images and backgrounds are standard .jpg or .png images you can edit or replace. A plain text global css file is used for colors, fonts, layout, page heights and widths as well as the responsive elements for mobile device view screen compliance.

Responsive Design

This web template is built as responsive using Media Queries CSS code. It allows the design to conform for desktop, tablet, smartphones and other mobile devices. All Allwebco templates include plain text menus, headers and footers plus a global css style file for colors, fonts and other webpage layout elements. All images, and backgrounds, are standard .jpg images that you can optionally replace with your own images, or you can use the included stock images.

Image Image Image Image